To configure the time criteria from the run-time environment

  1. In the run-time environment, click Configure Display Time on the run-time toolbar , or right-click anywhere in a blank area of the display and select Time Criteria | Configure from the context menu. The Edit Time Criteria dialog box appears.

  2. NOTE: To display the run-time toolbar, see To show or hide the run-time toolbar.

  3. Select the Use End Time check box if you want to use the end time on the Time display.

    • For the Absolute option - select the specific Start and End times.

    • For the Relative option - select options from the Start and End list boxes. The Start and End date/time shown on this dialog box automatically updates as you change the values.

    • For the Range option - select an option from the Range list box. The Start and End date/time display automatically updates as you change the value.

  4. From the Time Zone field, select a time zone.

  5. Click OK to accept your entries.