The Statement and Schema Area

The tabbed screens in this area list the database schemas that you have defined and the statements that you have already created.   You can create folders for your schemas and statements to organize them. For example, you can create folders called Inventory, Sales, and Production. In each folder are statements that apply to these functions in your organization. If you want to organize your statements and schemas in this fashion, place the folders in one of the following paths:

By default, the QED folder resides in the path <InstallDir>\GE Fanuc\Proficy Portal\webapps\infoAgentsrv\

You can work with tables, views, or stored procedures by double-clicking or dragging the name of the table, view, or stored procedure to the canvas. For more information about building statements, see the Extracting Information from a Database section. For more information about creating schemas, see the Creating Schemas section.        

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