Configuring the Proficy Portal Server    

After you install Proficy Portal, restart your computer. By restarting the Proficy Portal server, you ensure the Java servlet engine starts correctly.

NOTE: You can also start the Java servlet engine manually after you install Proficy Portal. To start the servlet engine, select Start Proficy Portal Server from the Proficy Portal program group.

When the servlet engine is running, configure the Proficy Portal server by launching the Proficy Portal client (Windows Start menu | Programs | Proficy Real-Time Information Portal 2.6 | Proficy Real-Time Information Portal). When you select this menu item, the browser launches, loads a web page, and runs the Java plug-in.

To simplify the setup and configuration of the Java plug-in, the first time the browser communicates with the web server, the server examines the computer's configuration to determine if the Java plug-in applet is installed. If it is not installed, Proficy Portal prompts you to install the Java plug-in. If you encounter problems while installing the Java plug-in, refer to Installing the Java Plug-in.    

Security is disabled by default. To log in, enter any name; you do not need a password or domain name.

In the Proficy Portal application, select the Admin App button from the main toolbar . The Administration application loads in the same browser window.

You are now able to set up security and add data sources. For more information about the Administration application, refer to The Administration Application and Connectors and Data Sources.