Installing the Java Plug-in

The first time the browser communicates with the web server, the server examines the computer's configuration to determine if the Java plug-in is installed. If it is not installed, Proficy Portal prompts you to install the Java plug-in. After the applet is installed and running, the browser can run Proficy Portal for the first time.

In some cases, you may be required to install the Java plug-in manually. The plug-in can be found in the Proficy Portal install directory at: <InstallDir>\GE Fanuc\Proficy Portal\webapps\infoAgentSrv\plugin.

Refer to the Proficy Portal IPI (Important Product Information) Release Notes tab for information on the Java plug-in version that is required, where to download it from, as well as troubleshooting/diagnostic information.

IMPORTANT: You must be a member of either the Power Users or Administrators Windows security groups to successfully install the Java plug-in. To find out what security groups you are a member of, access Users and Passwords from the Windows Start menu | Settings | Control Panel. Refer to your Windows online help for information on how to access and use this control panel.