Creating the Proficy Portal Virtual Directory

To create the virtual directory for the Proficy Portal web application:

  1. Run the Internet Services Manager. The Internet Services Manager is a Windows control panel applet. Refer to your Windows online help for instructions on how to access this control panel applet.

  2. Open the system tree for the computer and locate the entry Default Web Site.

– or –

Locate the web site of your choice.

  1. Expand the Default Web Site entry and locate the Proficy Portal virtual directory within it. If you cannot locate the directory, right-click the Default Web Site text.

– or –

Right-click the web site you chose in step 2, and choose New. The New menu appears.

  1. Choose Virtual Directory from the New menu. The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard appears.

  2. Follow the instructions on the wizard to create the virtual directory. When prompted, enter the following information:

    When prompted for...






    where YourInstallDir is the location where you have chosen to install Proficy Portal, for example: C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy Portal.

    Access Permissions

    Leave the Read option selected and clear all other check boxes.

IMPORTANT: When you create the virtual directories in a web site of your choice (rather than the default web site), the virtual directories (i.e., ProficyPortal, jakarta, and the ISAPI filter) must be removed from the default web site, and you must restart IIS and the Proficy Portal server.