How does security work?

Proficy Portal security uses the concept of roles to manage security. Through the use of roles, you can assign users different levels of access to various Proficy Portal features.

For example, you can create two roles: Supervisors and Operators. To the Supervisors role, you can assign rights to both the configuration environment and the run-time environment; to the Operators role, you can assign rights to only the run-time environment. When a user connects to the Proficy Portal server, and has been given Operators rights, the user will only be able to view displays. If the user has been given Supervisors rights, they will be able to configure those displays as well.

You can configure multiple roles and have different privileges assigned to each role. Privileges restrict access to environments, applications, specific tasks, and specific displays. You can also assign privileges to individual users.

For more information, refer to Securing Proficy Portal.