Resolving Displays

Resolve displays is a feature that is used to load and save displays automatically. The feature was originally provided to help infoAgent 1.1 users to bring forward Beta version displays into the release version. In Proficy Portal 2.6, the function of the resolve displays wizard is not changed. In general, resolving a display updates the display to work with the latest build. In contrast, running the upgrade brings forward the user files from an older version of the product to the current version of the product. For more information on upgrading, see Upgrading to Proficy Portal 2.6 .

  1. Ensure that the Proficy Real-Time Information Portal server is running.

  2. Start Proficy Portal.

  3. Close all displays.

  4. Click the Configure Display toolbar button to switch to Configure mode.

  5. From the Application menu, choose Resolve Displays. The Resolve Display Wizard appears.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click the Browse button, locate the display(s) you want to resolve. Select one or more displays and click Open.

  8. Click Next. The displays are saved in 2.6 format. A status on each resolved display is shown – if any errors are encountered during this process they will be listed.

  9. Click Close.