Searching Proficy Portal Help

When using the Search feature in the Proficy Portal Help, several types of queries can be performed.

A simple query will search the Proficy Portal help for any combination of the search terms entered. For example, a search for y axis pen will return results for all instances of y, axis, and pen within a help topic, sorted by relevancy. This type of query will return the largest number of results for any entered terms.

You may wish to limit your search results by using the following strategies:




Wildcard search


The wildcard character (*) will find all instances of a string within other strings.  For example, if you entered term* as your search string, the search results would include topics containing term, terminal, terminate, etc.

Stem search


The stem search will search for all instances of a word as well as different words using the same stem. For example, entering try** as a search term will return topics that include try, trying, and tried.

Conditional operators

NOTE: Conditional operators must be entered in UPPER CASE.

<searchterm> AND <searchterm>

Using the AND condition will only return results where both search terms exist within the topic.


<searchterm> OR <searchterm>

Using the OR condition will return results that contain either search term.


<searchterm> AND NOT <searchterm>

Using the AND NOT condition will return topics that contain the first search term and not the second search term.


<searchterm> NEAR <searchterm>

Using the NEAR condition will return topics that contain the two search terms as long as they appear within 50 words of one another.


(<searchterm> AND <searchterm>) OR <searchterm>

Parentheses are used to group conditional operators together for easier processing.

Quotation Marks

“<searchterm> <searchter>”

Quotation marks (“) are used to search for exact phrases.  For example, “OPC Server Configuration” will only return results that contain the phrase OPC Server Configuration.