Step 2.4. Create Custom Buttons

Both the stand-alone alarm viewer and AMV control provide the option to create custom buttons.

There are two types of custom buttons that can be added:

Stand-alone AMV and AMV control custom button.

AMV control only CustomButton event.

Stand-alone AMV and AMV control custom button

Custom buttons are available in both the stand-alone Alarm Viewer and AMV Control.

A custom button additional functionality to make sure the Alarm Viewer meets your system's requirements. Custom buttons can be configured to trigger command strings that perform several functions, such as run a program, create a set of long term notes that describe the historical conditions surrounding past alarm conditions in a factory or, for the AMV Control, fire an ActiveX event.

  1. Select a Custom<N> button to customize.

  2. Click Modify....

The Button Caption dialog box opens for the selected custom button.

Options are as follows.



Button Caption

Caption that will display on the button


Brief description of the button purpose.

Command string

Command string that will be executed when the button is clicked.

Note: Check Run program in the AMV Control Button Caption dialog box.


Command string parameters for Alarm Viewers.

Run program

Check to run the command string when the button is clicked.

Fire ActiveX event

(Alarm Viewer Control only) Use a CustomButton event.

  1. Click OK.

Result: The configured action will occur when a user clicks the customized button in the Alarm Viewer.

More information

Command string parameters for Alarm Viewers.

Example. Create a Run a Message program custom button.

Example. Use a custom button to create a set of long-term notes.

Step 2. Select the Button Display for the AMV Control or Stand-alone AMV.