Step 2. Select the Button Display for the AMV Control or Stand-alone AMV

The Alarm Viewer provides a user with several buttons to deal with alarms. For example, a user can acknowledge, reset or delete an alarm, if you select to display the button for those actions.

Dynamic View updates alarms whenever there is a change. Dynamic view buttons

In the AMV Control, function the same as they do in static view.

In the AMV, enable you to filter the list of alarms and toggle back to Static View.

Static View updates alarms when an operator clicks the Refresh button. Static view buttons provide the user with the capability to respond to alarms.

You can select which buttons you want to display and, as a result, control the actions a user can take when an alarm displays.

You do the configuration on the Button Layout tab in the Alarm List Configuration dialog box.

Steps for handling buttons include:

Step 2.1

Display the Buttons or Button Layout tab (for AMV Control or AMV).

Step 2.2

Select buttons for static view.

Step 2.3

Select buttons for dynamic view.

Step 2.4

Create custom buttons.

Step 2.5

Configure the button display order for each view.

Step 2.6

Specify the button caption, description and command string.

More information

Alarm Viewer fields and buttons configuration.