Case 2.2. Change Management Screen Management

Case description.

Recommended procedure.


Notes and issues.

  1. Case Description

The Proficy Change Management user maintains both a:

MASTER screens directory

Local copies of the screens with each project.

  1. Recommended Procedure

Use this procedure to insure that the CIMPLICITY project is using the correct screen versions.

  1. Create a CIMPLICITY project for the screens

  2. Add the CIMPLICITY project to the PCM server.

  3. Follow the Change Management project management best practices to ensure the managed project is up to date

  4. Do the following on production system,

  1. Open a Workbench.

  2. Click File>Fetch Project on the Workbench menu bar.

A Fetch Project dialog box opens.

  1. Enter the details to fetch the screens project.

  2. Copy the screens from the Screens project to the CIMPLICITY project

  3. Close the workbench

  4. Delete the screens project

  1. Exceptions

Screen files could be locked if a user is modifying a screen file

  1. Notes and Issues

Obsolete screens are not deleted from the project.

More information

    2. Best practices: Project management.