5. Check In

Check In copies the local version of the selected entity onto the Proficy Change Management server.

Tip: Workbench Check In toolbar buttons are available as follows:

Project Check In

Computer Check In

A Check In dialog box opens when you check in a selected entity.

 Important: If the project is running, you cannot get a copy of a base configuration entity from Change Management. You must work with the local copy until you stop the project.

Options are as follows.



Logon User

(Read only) Name of the logged on user who is checking out the entity.

Note: If a user is not logged in a Change Management Logon dialog box opens, requiring an authorized user/password.


(Read only) Name of the entity being checked out.

Keep local copy

(Read only) Retains copy of the checked in entity on the local computer.

Keep check out

Do one of the following.



Keep the entity checked out after the current version has been copied to the Change Management server.

Other users will not be able to check it out.



The entity is checked and available to be checked out by other users.


Description for a user to distinguish the entity version being checked in from other versions.


Max. Length

 255 characters

Note: An Apply Label dialog box will open before the entity is checked in if it is a project or core configuration.

More information

Proficy Change Management procedures.