6. Undo Checkout

Undo checkout removes the check out status of an entity that was checked out of Change Management and identifies it as checked in on the Change Management Server.

If the file has been edited while it was checked out, the edited version that is on the local computer can be remain on the local computer and not be overwritten by the managed coopy.

Options in an Undo Check Out dialog box that opens when Undo checkout is selected are as follows.



Logon User

User who is logged into Change Management.


Name of the entity that will have it

Don't overwrite local files with managed copy

Do one of the following.



The edited version remains on the local computer.



The latest copy on the Change Management server is copied to the local server.

Note: For the project or base configuration, a Changed Files dialog box may display if there are differences between the local copy and the latest version on the PCM server.




More information

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