Create Popup Menu Items for the Screen or Objects

All menu items currently defined for the screen or objects are listed in the list box along with the procedures or scripts they execute and any additional parameters.

  1. Select the screen or object that will display the Popup menu.

  2. Do one of the following.

Click Properties in the Home>Properties group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

Right-click the selection; select Properties on the Popup menu.

Double-click an object (except SmartObjects) or group.

The Properties dialog box for you selection opens.

  1. Select Menus.

Options to configure Popup menu items are as follows.



Menu list

List of menu items that have been created and configured.

Menu text

Important: Enter text in the Menu text field the first time you select Menus for an object. This will enable the other fields.

Text that will display when an authorized CimView user displays the CimView Popup menu.

Translate Menu Text

When checked, the menu text string becomes available for translation.


An existing or new procedure or script that will be executed when a CimView user selects the Popup menu item.


Pass a string to the script if the procedure in the Action field invokes a script. The script must use the CimGetEventContext().UserParameter property to accept the parameter,


Click to create a new menu item


Click to duplicate a selected menu item.

The menu text and configuration are duplicated.

There cannot be duplicate text strings for the Popup menu entry so the text must be changed. The action and other selections can remain as duplicates.


Delete a selected menu item.

Result: The configured menu items display when the Popup menu for the selected object or screen opens on a CimView screen.

More information

Help for a CimEdit screen options.