Color Palettes

The CimEdit color palette is the basic building block applying color to objects in CimEdit. You can open a color palette in any field that requires a color specification. If you are applying a more complex color combination, e.g. a gradient or a pattern, you will start with selecting single colors in separate color fields. Each color field will have its own color palette.

Click the Down arrow to the right of any color field.

The CimEdit Color palette opens.

The CimEdit color palette provides a wide variety of options for selecting a single color.

The options are accessed through any of three tabs.

Each of the three tabs enables you to provide color specifications that CimEdit will find from different sources.


Palette Tab

CimEdit finds the colors from:


Palette tab in the Color palette

RGB color designations


Special tab in the Color palette

System Ambient colors


Index Color

An RGB.dat file that lists Index numbers with their assigned colors.


Fixed color palette options

Color picker options.

More information

Object color.