1. Create and Edit Points through CimEdit

Points can be created and edited in CimEdit, when the project is stopped or running.


When a project is stopped, you will have to perform a Configuration Update to copy the configuration from the Master directory to the Data directory so they are both the same and the changes are applied to runtime.

If the project is running, make sure dynamic configuration is enabled for any point changes to immediately take effect.

Click Dynamic in the Home>Runtime group.

Points can be created or edited through any field that allows points as entries.

Create a new point.

Edit a selected point.

Create a new point

  1. Open the Properties dialog box for a selected object.

  2. Click the Popup Menu button to the right of an  Expression field.

The Popup menu opens.

  1. Select New Point.

The New Point dialog box opens.

  1. Create a new point.

Important: Make sure to adhere to point naming rules if you create a new point through CimEdit.

  1. Configure the new point.

  2. Close the Point Properties dialog box for the new point.

Result: The new point displays in the Expression field.

Edit a selected point.

  1. Select a point in the Expression field.

  2. Select Edit Point... on the Popup menu.

The Point Properties dialog box for the selected point opens.

  1. Make any modifications to the point configuration.

  2. Close the Point Properties dialog box.

Result: The point modifications are applied:

Immediately if the project is running and dynamic configuration is enabled.

After the next Configuration Update.

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