Option 1.4.1. Configure Menu Translation

Text that is entered for the menus can be translated using CIMPLICITY Language Mapping .

Select the Language map file.

Enter translation keys and text.

  1. Select the Language Map file

Do one of the following in the Navigation Configuration Editor right pane.

Enter the path to selected translation (*.clm) file in  the  Language map file field.

Use the Browse button at the right of the field to find and select the translation (*.clm) file.

Note: After the Navigation Configuration Editor is saved for the first time the path can be relative or absolute. The default path is absolute.

  1. Enter translation keys and text

You can emit text  (and continue to emit text) to the translation file and edit the translation file anytime during the navigation configuration.

  1. Click Configuration>Emit Translation on the Navigation Configuration Editor menu bar when you are ready to emit text.

The following text is emitted to the selected translation file.

Button text


Confirmation message


Additional text

  1. Click Configuration>Edit Translation Text on the Navigation Configuration Editor menu bar.

The selected translation file opens.

  1. Edit the translation keys the same way you do with translation for other text.

Result: The menu text items will be translated according to your specifications.


Button text and descriptions are required in English and French.

After translation and some CimEdit translation configuration an operator can display the menus in either English or French.



More information

Step 1.4. Enter general navigation specifications.