Step 1. Install HSSB Interface Hardware

These instructions are for installing the FANUC HSSB cards.

Important: Make sure your controller supports HSSB cards if you plan to use one.

Install the HSSB interface board.

Install the HSSB driver.

  1. Install the PCI HSSB interface board

(For HSSB multi-connections) Determine the kind of PCI HSSB interface board used by each node and correspondence between the nodes and connected CNCs.

Nothing needs to be done. (The I/O port address is automatically set by the HSSB driver. FANUC PANEL i and CNC Display Unit with Personal Computer Function are also included in this case.)

Note: When two or more PCI HSSB interface boards are installed, the nodes are allotted first from the PCI HSSB interface board inserted in a lower PCI slot number.

  1. Install the HSSB driver

Option 1.1

Windows 2003: HSSB interface hardware installation.

Option 1.2

Windows XP: HSSB interface hardware installation.

More information

Software installation.