Step 4. View Migration Reports

A migration progress summary displays in the historian migration utility window during the migration session after each migration.

Tip: Click File>Clear Display on the Historian migration utility menu bar to clear the window.

More detailed migration information is included in the following.

Migration log file

Data migration report

Migration Log File

  1. Click File on the Historian migration utility menu bar.

  2. Select View log file.

The log file that is named in the Migration options dialog box opens in Notepad.

The file displays details of the last migration during the open session.

Data Migration Report

Important: Make sure you check Read Values in the Migration Options dialog box if you want the Migration report to open when the migration is completed

The Data migration report includes the following columns.

CIMPLICITY columns are:









Historian columns are:






Note: Historian quality is OPC quality.

More information

Proficy Historian migration.