Using the FirstPAGE Administrator

The FirstPAGE Administrator user interface is conveniently displayed in a tree view that, when expanded, shows a Devices folder that enables the user to add information about the devices that the server will use to communicate with the providers which service the destinations, the service providers, and destination information.

It includes a Providers folder and a Destinations folder that serve as shortcuts to already configured Providers and Destinations, allowing the user to quickly locate this information, without knowing the device that supports them.

A separate Tools folder includes the option to add Groups and Modems. It will also display the Schedules option if purchased.

This section contains procedural information about using FirstPAGE Administrator. It begins with an overview of the functionality of Pager Administrator and concludes with procedural information about performing everyday Administrator tasks.

Creating and modifying devices.

Adding a device.

Viewing and modifying devices.

Deleting a device.

Creating and modifying providers.

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