Guidelines for Configuring Group Addresses

Guidelines for configuring group addresses:

  1. You can specify a group from the OPC group list.

If you do not specify a group, CIMPLICITY puts the point into one of two default groups, based on the point's Update Criteria.

Default Group

For points with Update Criteria that is:





NOTE: If all of the points in a group have polled update criteria, CIMPLICITY treats the group the same way it treats DEFAULTPOLL. As soon as one point has unsolicited update criteria, CIMPLICITY treats the group the same as it treats DEFAULTUNSO.

  1. A group name can be up to 16 characters.

  2. CIMPLICITY supports up to 510 groups. Two groups are defined by default, leaving 508 possible user defined groups.

In CIMPLICITY, the maximum number of points in a group depends on the size of the points (in bytes). The total size of all points in a group cannot exceed 32 kilobytes. For example, a DINT point 4-bytes in length; an INT point is 2 bytes in length; string points are whatever length they are configured to be in bytes.

Important: Configuration restrictions may exceed practical limits for project implementation.

More information

Set Group Settings Properties.

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