Step 2. Define Parameter Attributes for a Recipe Group

Parameters overview

Parameter configuration

Parameters Overview

A recipe group may have one or more Parameters associated with it.

Parameters attributes identify the components (e.g. ingredients, temperature, ramp time) used to produce a product.

Each Parameter that you define for the Group has seven attributes.

You can use these attributes to

Define the data type for the Parameter.

Describe the Parameter.

Set limits for the Parameter in Recipes.

Define default values for Recipes.

The parameters and parameter attributes display in the RecipeConfig window as follows.


Parameters are listed in rows in the grid.


Values for parameter attributes (available in the RecipeConfig window's left pane) display in columns in the grid.

Notes The column can display or be hidden for one or more attributes.

Important: Any time you add, delete or rearrange Parameters in the group, all recipes and maps will automatically be reconciled to reflect your changes.

Parameter Configuration

Step 2.1

Insert rows for parameter attributes.

Step 2.2

Define parameter attributes.

More information

Recipe group configuration.