Configuration File for the Counter Log Files

The configuration file that controls the counter collection is called DefaultCounters.txt.

DefaultCounters.txt location

DefaultCounters.txt format and directives

DefaultCounters.txt Location

DefaultCounters.txt is in the CIMPLICITY perfserv directory.


...\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\perfserv\DefaultCounters.txt

DefaultCounters.txt Format and Directives

The following text displays when you open the DefaultCounters.txt file:





Process|Private Bytes|_Total


The format of the DefaultCounters.txt file is

Directives preceded by a #

Record indicating the counter to collect

The following directives are supported:

VERSION indicates the version of this file, should not be changed.

UPDATERATE how often data should be collected in milliseconds

MAXFILESIZE how large can a log file be in bytes

MAXFILES how many versions of the log file to save

Each record in the file can have up to three fields separated by the '|' character:

Object Name – name of the object to collect.

Counter Name – name of counter to collect, can contain * as a wildcard character.

Instance Name – name of the instance to collect, can be blank, can contain * as a wildcard character.

More information

Specify the number of Counter log files.

Specify what objects, counters and instances will be logged.