ThinView Server Installation

Select the ThinView option when you install CIMPLICITY Plant Edition.

The ThinView server application will be installed on the CIMPLICITY server. As a result, the CIMPLICITY server also becomes a ThinView server.

Each Windows CE device comes with one registration serial number for its own license. Therefore, the number of Windows CE devices that you purchase determines the number of licenses you own.

To register each ThinView, you simply enter its serial number in the Registration Serial Numbers dialog box on the CIMPLICITY server.


For a Windows CE device that uses the wireless network, read the Access Point documentation to select and follow the Access Point configuration that meets your requirements.

ThinView Windows CE devices come with ThinView pre-installed. However, if you reformat Windows CE you will have to re-install ThinView along with the other applications that you use on the Windows CE device.

If you have questions about your ThinView licenses and/or registration, contact your GE Fanuc representative or customer support for details.

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