Easy Steps in ThinView Configuration

You can get a ThinView system up and running by following these easy configuration steps.

Note: Make sure you have administrator privileges.

Steps for the ThinView server.

Step 1

Install the ThinView server from the ThinView CD that comes with the ThinView option.

Step 2.

Open the CIMPLICITY Workbench.

Step 3

Double-click the ThinView icon in the left or right pane of the Workbench to display the CIMPLICITY Options dialog box.

Step 4.

Select the ThinView tab.

Step 5

Click Start to start the ThinView server.

Step 6.

Make sure the CIMPLICITY project is running.

Note: You can install both ThinView and WebView on the same server. If you do, you will see one tab (WebView/ThinView) that handles both options.

More information

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