Option 4.2.4. Search for Archived Jobs

Active jobs are in the selected device's active queue.

Select search criteria for archived jobs.

Use the archived jobs search results.

  1. Select search criteria for archived jobs.

Search criteria options are as follows.



Device Name

List of devices available to the IIS server.

Job Type

Selections are:



Broadcast jobs that are in the selected device's active queue.



Broadcast jobs that have been processed and are in the History queue.


Active and History

All the jobs in the Active and History queues that have been sent to the selected device.



All of the jobs that have been archived for the selected device.



Note: Select Archived to filter archived jobs only.


All the Tracker attributes configured in the genfld.cfg file as generic fields for the Broadcast are listed in the drop down list.

Note: If you do not make a selection all of the jobs that are in the selected Device Status will be listed on the BQM report page.


(Required if you selected a field) value of the selected field as criterion for searching the jobs.

Device Status

Disabled when Archived is selected.

Click Search.

Broadcast Queue Manager displays the results.

  1. Use the archived jobs search results.

Features are as follows.


Review of search selections.


Forms that fulfill the selection requirements are listed.


Listed data includes the:

Form type.

Date and time the form came into the queue.

Printer status.

Form fields and values.


Number of jobs found that match your criteria.


Buttons let you control the status of selected forms as follows.


Requeue Job(s)

Transfer selected jobs from the Archive folder back into the History folder.

Note: Single or multiple forms can be selected.

Hold down the

Shift key to select forms listed consecutively.

Ctrl key to select forms that are not listed consecutively.

Note: Use the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple jobs.

Requeue Job(s)

  1. Click Requeue Job(s).

A message asks you to confirm re-queuing the selected jobs.

  1. Click OK.

Broadcast Queue Manager transfers the jobs to the History queue and displays a list of job files that were transferred from the Archive to the History folder.

  1. Do one of the following.

Click View Archived Jobs in <Device> to return to the Archive results page.

Click View Active & History Jobs in <Device> to view active and history jobs that match the search criteria.

Select any other option on the Broadcast Queue Manager menu.

More information

Step 4.2. View/Search Jobs in the Broadcast Queue Manager UI.