Increment Extended Attribute


Increment Attribute increments an extended attribute by a value.


This function block has the following parameters:



Region ID

ID of Region where item is located.

Region Location

Location of the item in the Region.

Item Class

Class of the item.

Attribute ID

ID of Attribute whose value is to be set into the RCO Variable.

Increment by Value

Amount to increment the attribute.

Pseudo Code

Get item

If item found

  Get extended attribute value

  If attribute is found

    Convert the attribute value to numeric

    Add quantity to numeric attribute value

    Write extended attribute value back to item

  End if

End if

 Note: The extended attribute value is converted to numeric using the rules of the Basic "Val" function.

The value of the attribute is overwritten with the new value. If the attribute couldn't be converted to a numeric value, then the attribute will be updated with the Quantity value.

More information

Val Function (Basic Control Engine).

Core function block list.