Apply Hold to Item

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Apply Hold to Item places a named hold on the item at a particular location in a specified region.

Note:  Only items local to the current project are modified. You can apply this function block across multiple projects by entering a comma-delimited list of project names into the Project ID field and recompiling.

Important: A named hold is a special type of attribute that specifies the range in which the hold is active.  The item will actually be in hold state only when it physically enters the Hold Active Range.


This function block has the following parameters:



Region Name

Name of the Region where the item is currently located.

Region Location

Location of the item in the Region. Select a location, or enter a value greater than zero that specifies a location.

Note: The first location, i.e. 1,  is at the head of the region, the last location is at its tail. Items generally move from tail to head.

Item Class

Class of the item to place on hold.

Hold Attribute Name

Name of the standard attribute that stores an item's hold name.

Note: You can configure the standard attributes that appear in this list by selecting Tools>Attribute Maintenance on the TrackerCfg_UI window menu bar.

Hold Expiration Period

Number of hours until the hold expires, starting at the time the function block executes. Enter a numeric value or the name of an analog (numeric) point that stores length of the hold period. Enter a value of 0 to specify an unlimited hold.

Hold Exp. Time Point

(Optional) Date-time real double analog point

Time at which the hold will expire.

Selecting a point for this parameter overrides the Hold Expiration Period.

Hold Description

(Optional) Description saved with the hold. The description is stored in the extended attributes for items on hold.

Hold Attribute Point

(Optional) Text point

Contains dynamically changeable hold attribute name

Supercedes Hold Attribute Name.

Hold Active Range

Range where the hold is active. Enter the name  of a defined range or region.

Note: The hold placed on the specified item does not take effect until it enters the named range or region.

Project ID

(Optional) Names of one or more projects in which the selected region may be found.

Note: Leave this field blank to limit the search for regions to the local project only.

Project Point ID

(Optional) Text point.

Stores a list of project(s).

Supercedes Project ID.

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