Reorder Region by Rotation Number

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Reorder Region by Rotation Number reassigns location numbers of all items in the specified region to match the numerical sequence of their rotation numbers.


Items that have no attribute by the name specified, or that have a null or non-numeric value for the rotation, will:

Be moved to the end of the sequence, i.e assigned the highest rotation and moved to the end of the region

Retain their relative order with respect to each other.

Reorder Region by Rotation Number is intended for reordering non physical items, such as Order items. Use  Advance in Order to change the rotation numbers of physical items.


This function block has the following parameters:



Region ID

Region where you want to reassign location numbers.

Item Class

Class of the item assigned a rotation number.

Rotation Number Attribute

Name of the attribute that stores the rotation number.

Region Point ID

(Optional) Text point.

Contains the name of a region.

Supercedes Region ID.

Rotation Attribute Point ID

(Optional) Text point.

Stores the name of an attribute.

Supercedes Rotation Number Attribute.

More information

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