Set Source Criteria Set

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Set Source Criteria Set A criteria set further refines a range. Therefore, you must have at least one range defined before you create a criteria set.

A criteria set can filter an item by one of any of the following:

Standard attribute

Extended attribute

Attribute expression.

Important: Whenever a range is used the logic module must begin with two blocks in the following order.


Module Options




Can be either:



Set Source Range

Defines the range that the block evaluates.


Set Source Solve




Must be:



Set Block Weights

Sets the relative importance of each of the subsequent blocks by assigning a weight to each block.


This function block has the following parameters:



Criteria Set Name

Criteria set to be used to filter a range of sources.

  1. Double-click Criteria Set Name to display the P1 dialog box for criteria sets.

  1. Enter an existing criteria set name, or

Click the Browse button to select from a list of existing criteria sets, or

Click the Pop-up button and select:

Browse to select from a list of existing criteria sets, or

New to define a new criteria set. The Criteria Set Editor dialog box appears.

Criteria Set Point ID

(Optional) Text point.

Stores a dynamically changeable name for the Criteria Set.

Supercedes Criteria Set Name.

More information

Select a Criteria Set.

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