Set Source Solve

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Set Source Solve uses a named query to define a range of sources used by subsequent RSA function blocks in the output or logic module.


Whenever a range is used the logic module must begin with two blocks in the following order.


Module Options



Can be either:



 Set Source Range

Defines the range that the block evaluates.


Set Source Solve




Must be:



Set Block Weights

Sets the relative importance of each of the subsequent blocks by assigning a weight to each block.

Before you use Set Source Solve in a multi-project environment:

  1. Configure a text point named TRACKER_PROJECTS in the current project.

  2. Set the point to a comma-delimited list of projects names where the query will search for items.


This function block has the following parameters:



Solve Name

Name of a query expression that returns sources. Enter the name  of a defined query.

  1. Double-click Solve Name to open the Expression Browser.

  2. Do one of the following.

Enter an existing query name

Click the Browse button to display the Expression Browser.

Click the Pop-up Menu button and:

Select Browse to display the Expression Browser, or

Select New to define a new query expression. The New Expression  dialog box appears.

Item Type

TADB Item Type ID to which the query applies.

Solve Point ID

(Optional) Text point

Stores the name of a query.

Supercedes Solve Name.

More information

Define a Source Query (Solve).

 RSA function blocks list.