Set Super Priority Weight

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Set Super Priority Weight overrides the weight value assigned to a block by a Set Block Weights block that is the second block in the output or logic module.


The zero or non-zero weight block does the following.


The block:


Directly eliminates  items that do not satisfy its criteria.


If a zero weighted block eliminates all items in range, that block's eliminations may be rolled back depending on the block's Always Evaluate parameter setting.


Applies this weight to any item that fails to satisfy its criteria; it does not eliminate items directly.


Note: CIMPLICITY also creates a broken rule record for failed items.


This function block has the following parameters:



Block Number

Function block to which you want to apply a weight based on a point value.

Point ID

Point used for the super priority weight value.

The selected point must be configured as an analog (numeric) data type.

The value of this point overrides the weight value assigned to this block by a previous Set Block Weights block.

More information

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