1. TADB Enabled

Important: All projects must use the same TADB database.

The Tracker Collector (Trk Collector) uses the database configuration for the first project that starts on the server.

The process the Tracker Collector follows to determine where to store TADB data is as follows.

  1. If the project is connected to a TADB database, the TADB database is used.

  2. If Tracker Collector does not find a TADB database it looks in the Trkattribute.cfg file to determine if there is a TADB database or if it should use backing files.

  3. If there is no direction in the Trkattribute.cfg file TADB will not store TADB data.

Tracker Collector uses the same storage (or no storage) for all projects that start after the first project.

When a project starts, the PRT Collector:

  1. Determines what storage vehicle the Tracker Collector uses

  2. Uses the same storage vehicle.

The following two steps enable TADB.

Step 1

Enable TADB in the CIMPLICITY project.

Step 2

Create a TADB database.

More information

TADB overview.