Tracker Attribute Database Overview

The Tracker Attribute Database (TADB) stores Tracker data, including PRT backing file data.

TADB features.

PRT Collector in TADB overview.

Region with an item allocated capacity requirements

TADB features


TADB Enabled


SQL table structure definitions


TADB meta-data configuration


TADB/PRT Backing File Synchronization and Recovery

Note: In most cases the groups and attributes will be defined at the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) level. As the system designer, you can take these categories and enter the information into the TADB configuration.

PRT Collector in TADB

The PRT Collector writes to the PRT backing files and the TADB database.

The PRT Collector:

Gets point updates to move items, requests to .add items, delete items

Responds back only after it successfully updates the database.

If the database connection is lost or the project is in the process of failing over a SQL cluster the PRT Collector will:

Continue to retry updating the database until the connection is restored.

Generating an alarm that it has lost the database connection.

The alarms raise an alert as follows.




PRT database command failed. Check the status log for details.


PRT has lost the database connection

Important: The PRT Collector writes to the TADB database. It is important to bring the database server back online to restore a lost connection as quickly as possible. If not, in extreme cases, data can be lost.

Region with an Item Allocated Capacity Requirements

(On a node configured to use TADB) if you configure a region with an allocated item capacity

(Locations * Location_Capacity * 2) greater than 32767, Tracker will not run correctly on its next startup.


Configure a region with 8191 locations 2 items per location, the alloc_item_capacity is 32764.

Your project starts without complaint and Tracker has no problem.

Re-configure the region to have 8192 locations and restart the project.

The core status log receives the message TADB Item count 0 exceeds Item capacity -32768 for region.

Subsequently, an attempt to open PRT_UI will cause PRT_DS to crash with an application error.

Looking directly at the TrkRegion table in the TADB shows the alloc_item_capacity field has the number 32768.

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