Step 4. Add Historical Evaluation to the RSA Module

Historical evaluation compares current data in the context of a historical record of selections.

The exact type of comparison/calculation/evaluation depends on the block that is being used.

Each historical evaluation requires two blocks.

They are:

Historical Evaluation Block

Record Block

Eliminate Sources Based on Attribute Spacing

Record Attribute Spacing.

Eliminate Sources Based on Rule

Record Attribute Rule.

Eliminate Source By Percentages

Record Attribute Percentages.

Eliminate Source By Ratio

Record Attribute Ratios.

Eliminate Source By Pattern

Record Attribute Pattern.

Most frequently the:

Historical evaluation blocks are added to a Routing Logic Module.

Record blocks are added to an Output Logic Module.


The example computer factory adds three historical evaluations to the Routing Logic Moduls and corresponding record blocks to an Output Logic Module.

Example 4.1

Define an Eliminate Sources Based on Rule evaluation.

Example 4.2

Define an Eliminate Source By Percentages evaluation.

Example 4.3

Define an Eliminate Source By Ratio evaluation.

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