8.3.2. Create a New Trigger Sequence

  1. Click to the left of AddParts in the TRK61 tree.

The branch expands to show Triggers, Decisions and Routing Logic Folders.

  1. Right-click the Triggers folder.

  2. Select New Trigger Sequence on the popup menu.

A new trigger displays.

  1. Change the name in the tree to Done or in the Name field that displays in the right pane and press Enter.

The name in the other, the tree or in the Name field, also changes to Done.

  1. Click the New button above the Trigger Points list box.

A Trigger Details dialog box displays.

  1. Create a new virtual point.







This is the point you will update after you click the DONE button on your Add Block Attributes screen

  1. Check On Update.

  1. Click OK.

Your screen should look like this.

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