About Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY Tracker

Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY Tracker is a state-of-the-art tracking software that provides you with two option levels.


Tracker core option, the premier software for tracking and making decisions for building products, beginning with orders and following the process through the warehouse for the completed product.


Order Execution Management provides a comprehensive addition to Tracker that enables you to track, store, categorize and sequence your customers' orders based your configured criteria.

If Tracker and Order Execution Management are enabled, the Workbench provides the following icons to access Tracker and Order Execution Management features.


Opens the

Tracker Configuration

Tracker Configuration User Interface.

Note: This interface provides the features for both Tracker and Order Execution Management configuration.

Tracker Query Engine

(Query) Expression Browser.


 PRT vs. TADB Validation window.

Production Tracking UI

Runtime Production Tracking User interface

Routing Control Objects UI

Runtime Routing Control Objects User interface

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