About Trend Chart Sliders

You can choose to display one or two sliders on the Trend Control chart.

When you select two sliders you can:

View the point value at the selected position for each slider as well as the time the value was recorded (Slider Value Time (and Date)) in the Legend and Status lines.

This enables you to precisely select where you want to compare two values.

View the time period (Slider Value Time Delta) between the two Slider Value Times, which Trending calculates for you.

Time values are shown as follows:

In the legend for each line

Slider Value Time

Are time stamp values for the last time the point changed to the value at the slider (Thus they are called Slider Value Time, or 2nd Slider Value Time).


Slider Value Time Delta

Is an absolute time difference of these time values for the particular point.

In the status line

Slider Time

Are actual slider positions on the time axis (the X-axis).


Slider Time Delta

Is the absolute value of the difference between the two slider times.

Note: When you open the Trend chart in CimView Slider 1 is always on top of Slider 2. You can move either slider to the right or left.

Note: You don't need to keep track of which slider is slider1 and which slider is slider2.  The time and value differences are always with respect to positive time flow.  And if you are trying to position a slider at a particular time just look for the Slider time that is changing when you are dragging whatever slider you happen to have.

More information

Step 8. Configure Legend Properties.