Installation Troubleshooting



The Trending control does not let you connect with the Historian Server.


  1. Open the Historian Administrator's Main screen.

  2. Check the Alerts to determine if the number of licensed users has been exceeded.

  3. Contact your Historian sales representative to arrange for additional licenses.



Number of licenses

Required to run



One user license

Historian on the server node.



One additional license

Each additional node that runs CimView connections.



Note: You may need to reboot the Historian server node after updating the allowed number of users.


The Trending control allows you to connect to the Historian Server, but does not display the Historian trending line.


Check that the correct Historian server name, login name and password have been configured for the Historian line.

Check that the configured Tag ID for that line is correct and that the tag still exists by browsing the configured server and re-selecting the desired tag.

Reboot the client node.

More information

Step Install Required Software for Viewing Historian Lines.