Step Install Required Software for Viewing Historian Lines

Requirements for displaying Historian trend lines depend on the basic network configurations you are using. Options include:


Historian Server and CIMPLICITY Server installed on separate nodes.


Historian Server node.

One or more CIMPLICITY Server nodes.

One or more CIMPLICITY Viewer-only nodes.


Historian Server and CIMPLICITY Server installed on the same node.


Historian Server/CIMPLICITY Server node.

One or more CIMPLICITY Viewer-only nodes.


More configurations than the basic configurations listed above are possible. However, the instructions outlined for the installation options listed above are comprehensive; apply them to your configuration by considering the roles that each node will play: Historian Server, CIMPLICITY (project) Server and/or CIMPLICITY (CimView) Viewer. Ensure that each node is installed with the software required for all the roles that node will play.

A fourth role, Historian Collector Client, describes the node that collects data for the Historian Server. Any of the nodes in your network configuration can be an Historian Collector Client.

For information about the Historian requirements for collecting point data from CIMPLICITY projects, see "Installing an Historian Collector" topic in the Historian Electronic Books.

See the latest CIMPLICITY Important Product Information (IPI) document for the most up-to-date information on the software component availability, service pack versions, and tips for integration Proficy Historian with Proficy CIMPLICITY.

About the Historian Collector

The Historian Collector supports the collection of point data from running CIMPLICITY projects. Historian also supports collection of other non-CIMPLICITY data. Any type of data collected by Historian can be displayed as an Historian line in a CIMPLICITY Trend control.


The Historian Collector that collects point data must run on the same node as the Historian project where those points are defined. See the Historian Electronic Books for details on collector installation and use.

A single installation of the Historian Collector will support collection from multiple projects running on that node. The Historian Collector spawns a new collector service for every project run with the Historian Collector project option checked.

The Historian Collector is available for download from the GE Fanuc Web site. Contact your Historian sales representative for details.

As an alternative, Historian can also collect data from CIMPLICITY projects through the CIMPLICITY Historian OPC Interface .

More information

Installation troubleshooting.

Configure an Historian Line