Step Historian Line Configuration

Enter the following.



Line type



Click to launch the Line Display dialog box.

The Line Display dialog lets you configure the display characteristics of the trending line as well as the compression (sample rate) and sampling mode options such as Average, Trend, Standard Deviation, etc.

Auto update

(If the selected Tag ID represents live data) check Auto update to update the Historian line periodically to display newly collected data .

Note: Checking Auto update requires you to first assign an Auto update interval for the selected line on the Chart tab.


Clear Auto update to keep the same historical information displayed as a reference.


Network name for the node (computer) running Historian Server.


Note: To use the default Historian server configured during CIMPLICITY installation, leave the Server field blank.

User ID

User name that Historian Administrator will accept.


Note: To use your currently configured Windows login ID and password, leave the User ID and Password fields blank.


Password configured for the User ID entered above.

Tag ID

Historian tag name.


Note: The format of the Tag ID is <Data Collector Name>.<Tag Name> where <Data Collector Name> is the name of a data collector defined within Historian Administrator and <Tag Name> is the name of a data record added for that collector. See the Historian Electronic Books for details on configuring data collectors and tags.

Tag ID

  1. Click the Browse button next to the Tag ID field to connect with the Historian server

  2. Select the tag name that contains the trend data.


Note: If the tag represents a CIMPLICITY point, the <Data Collector Name> portion of the tag name that appears in Historian is appended with the characters "_CIMP." Do not include these characters in the <Data Collector Name> you enter into the Trend Control Properties Tag ID field.

More information

Option 5.2.3. Retrieval Mode and Sample Interval for Historian Lines.

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