Option Historian Server, CIMPLICITY Server and Viewer Installed on Same Node

On the server node install:

  1. CIMPLICITY Server.

Reboot the server.

  1. Any required CIMPLICITY Service Packs.

Reboot the server.

  1. Historian (version 2.0 or greater).  

Reboot the server.

Note: Run the Historian installation program and select the components to install, including Historian Server and  Administrator.

  1. All required Historian SIMs (service packs).

Reboot the server.

  1. Historian Collector if you are collecting point data from projects running on this node.

Reboot the server.


Contact your Historian sales representative for details about downloading the Historian Collector from the GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Web site.

Check the Historian Collector option on the General tab of the CIMPLICITY Project Properties dialog box to configure your projects for data collection.

More information

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