Option 4.2.7. Configure an Historian Line

Historian lines display a combination of logged data from a tag defined in the Historian Archive Database.

A tag is a key for a specific historical data source. This record can store any type of static or runtime data collected by an Historian data collector, including CIMPLICITY point data.

Note: If a tag represents live data, check Auto update to update the Historian line periodically to display newly collected data . Note that selecting this checkbox requires you to first assign an Auto update interval for this line on the Chart tab.

A data collector is an Historian service that records tag data in a polled or unsolicited collection mode.

Note: Trending through Historian is completely independent of the Historian OPC Interface . The Historian Collector provides a direct way for Historian to collect CIMPLICITY point data. However, any data stored in the Historian archive, including CIMPLICITY data logged through the OPC interface, can be displayed by the Trending control as an Historian line.


Install Software Required for Viewing Historian Lines


Configure CIMPLICITY projects.


Configure Historian.


Historian Line Configuration.

More information

Option 4.2. Create a New Trend Chart Line (Overview of Detailed Method).