Step Configure CIMPLICITY Projects for Data Collection

Before configuring Historian to collect point data from a CIMPLICITY project, make sure to:

  1.  Install required software on the CIMPLICITY Server node.

  2. Check the Historian Collector option on the General tab of the Project Properties dialog box for any CIMPLICITY projects that you want to collect data from.

  1. Open the CIMPLICITY Workbench. If the project is running, stop it.

  2. From the Project menu, click Properties.

  3. In the General tab, ensure the Historian Collector checkbox is enabled.

Note: Selecting the Historian Collector option is not required for all projects that CimView screens connect to, only those projects that are sources of point data collected by Historian.

  1. Run the projects you want to collect data from. A collector on the CIMPLICITY Server node will start automatically when a project configured for collection is run, and stop when that project stops.


The collector for a particular CIMPLICITY project has the same name as the project. When the collector is listed in Historian Administrator, the collector name has the characters "_CIM" appended.

Each project you run on a network must have a unique name. Among other things, this ensures that the requirement that each data collector have a unique name is satisfied.

The collector starts and stops automatically when the associated project is started and stopped. If the project is running, you can use the Process Control Utility to stop the collector without stopping the project.

If you open Historian Administrator (Main screen) on the Historian server node, new collectors and their status are listed there the first time you run the respective project. You can configure the collector from the Collectors Maintenance screen. The Historian Collector running on the CIMPLICITY Server is listed as the project name, with a suffix of "_CIM" appended. For example, the collector for a project named MyProject will appear as MyProject_CIM.

You can optionally configure the Historian Collector to write its output status (collection rate, status, and heartbeat) to CIMPLICITY points. These points must be pre-configured in the project you are collecting from. See "Configuration of CIMPLICITY Data Collector-specific Fields" in the Historian Electronic Books for specifications regarding appropriate data types for these points and the interpretation of their values.

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