Web Interface Login Configuration File

User ID's and associated passwords are defined in XMLServer.cfg file, which is located in the \Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\data directory.

The format for log in permissions is:


When CIMPLICITY is installed it has a default ADMINISTRATOR user with no password.

If a project is not specified the User ID will be the default for all projects.


  1. The automatic log out feature, which you configure in the CIMPLICITY Options dialog box, applies to Terminal Services and WebView, in addition to Viewer usage.

If automatic log out is enabled, the selected log out option is activated after a specified number of idle minutes on the user's computer. The user will, at least, be automatically logged out. Further log out behavior depends on the log out option that was selected during configuration.

  1. CIMPLICITY Machine Edition does not have an ADMINISTRATOR account. It has a MASTER account with a CONTROL password.

Enter MASTER in the XMLServer.cfg file for the Machine Edition project so permitted users will be able to access the project.


More information

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