CIMPLICITY Web Interface Overview

Your default CIMPLICITY Web pages offer a wide range of user accessibility and levels of interaction with CIMPLICITY network or local projects.

The following map provides a detailed view of the paths a user can take to access a CIMPLICITY project and/or screen through the Web interface.

Note: Terminal Services is  available when the Web Server is also a Terminal Services server.

The map displays access to the following through the Web browser interface:


Data for Network projects broadcast to the Web server.


Data for local projects running on the Web server.


WebView screens, including pre-designated read-only (Broadcast) screens.

These screens can be accessed as stand-alone screens.


Terminal Services, when the server is a Terminal Services server.

A user can access a Terminal Services server independent of the Browser interface.


Other default WebView CIMPLICITY links.

More information

Web interface Login configuration file.

Open the CIMPLICITY default Home page.

About CIMPLICITY Web access and Terminal Services.