Option 2.1. Let WebView Create a Home Page for a CimView Screen

Following is a way to create an effective WebView home page without knowing HTML or any other Web related code.

  1. Create a CimView screen to your specifications.

  2. Let WebView create a home page for it.

Very likely, you already have a main screen for a CIMPLICITY project that a user opens first. Specify that screen as your home page in the root directory or in a sub-directory. If you do not have the screen you want, you can create it that same way you would any other CimView screen.

Note: If you do not create a home page, the Web server may list all of the folders and HTML files that are currently in the WebPages directory. This can help provide a quick start up. However, it should probably be replaced with a more focused screen.

  1. Display the WebView tab WebView Tab Displayed in the CIMPLICITY Options dialog box.

  2. Click Create Web Page.

The Create Web Page dialog box opens.

Fill in the following.


CimView screen


Web page file


Color palette



CimView screen

The selected CimView screen will display when a user logs onto the Web site.

Do one of the following.

Enter the path and screen that you select..

Click Browse Screen to find and select the screen.


Web page file

Name that will be used for the HTML file, e.g. Index.html.

WebView will create an HTML file in the default WebPages directory.

(Optional) Click Browse Page to select a sub-directory of the WebPages directory for the file location.

Note: If you choose a screen  name that is not a conventional home page name, the user can only display the Web page through available Web options.

Available Web options include:

Entering the screen name as part of the URL.

Using a hypertext jump (that you configure)

Letting the Web server display a default list.


Color palette

The number of colors the HTML screen can display.

Options include:

256 colors

65565 colors

True color

  1. Click OK.

WebView creates the HTML file with the name you specify and places it in the directory you specify.

When a user goes to the home page, he or she will be able to overlay (switch to) all the screens that the home page (CimView screen) accesses.


Web View Home page (sample)

Sample WebView home page created using the Create Web Page dialog box.

 Important: If you choose to use the Microsoft Internet Information Server instead of the Web server, make sure you specify the IIS Web directory (typically C:\InetPub\wwwroot) when you create a Web page. (Use the Browse Page button to navigate to the directory.)

More information

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