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Color Picker

The first 11 rows of the Color Picker show a set of standard colors, including transparent (marked with a black cross). The remaining rows display any user defined colors, referred to as Color Favorites. This includes flashing colors, represented by a two color block, divided diagonally.

To select one of the colors displayed on the color picker, click on it.

If the necessary color does not appear, you have the option to create a custom color, or match an existing color from one of your graphics pages.

To match an existing color on a graphics page:

  1. Verify that the color you would like to match is present on the page currently displayed in Graphics Builder.
  2. From the Color Picker, choose the Color Selector tool (looks like an eyedropper).
  3. Use the Color Selector to click on the color you would like to match.
  4. The color you have chosen will now appear in the Color Value Display button.

To create a customized color:

  1. From the Color Picker, click on the Edit button. This will make the Edit Favorite Color dialog appear.
  2. Use the Edit Favorite Color dialog to create the color you would like to use (See Edit Favorite Colors dialog box for details).
  3. Name the color if necessary.
  4. Use the Add button to include the color with the Color Favorites displayed on the Color Picker.
  5. Click OK. The color you have just created will now be selected.

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