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Configured alarms

You can use seven types of configured alarms:

You can process each alarm individually, or assign each of your alarms to separate categories, where they can be prioritized. You can then display, acknowledge, reset, and log alarms in a particular category.

You can also customize the order in which alarms will be displayed on the alarm summary page using the SummarySort and SummarySortMode parameters. (This order will override the alarm category priority order.)

To help operators with alarms, you can create graphics pages that contain information about the alarms (such as the action an operator needs to perform to correct the situation). You can display these pages automatically when the alarm occurs, or only when an operator uses the Alarm Help keyboard command.

Alarm properties can also be used anywhere a normal variable tag can be used. For example the status of an alarm could be used to change the color of a symbol on a graphics page.

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