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Configuring a Super Genie as a Library Object

You can configure and save a Super Genie as a Super Genie library object. If you save your Super Genie as a library object it is not saved as a normal page and thus is not instantiated. A Super Genie library object is only instantiated when attached and then called from a genie. Once the library object is instantiated the Super Genie can be called from other objects.

To create a new Super Genie (using the Super Genie library option):

  1. From the toolbar select New, or choose File | New.
  2. Click the Super Genie option.
  3. A blank Super Genie library object page will open.
  4. In this example a pop up that displays numerous values will be created.
  5. From the tool bar select Save or go to File|Save.
  6. The Save as dialog opens. The Super Genie tab is active, with no other options available. Enter a name for the Super Genie in the Super Genie field (!sg2_multi)
  7. Select the Library and Project in which to store the Super Genie. Like Genie libraries, Super Genies libraries are global and can be used between projects.
  8. Click OK.

Note: The first eight characters of the Super Genie name needs to be unique for each Super Genie. Save it in a Super Genie library using an exclamation mark (!) prefix. This keeps the pages hidden in the configuration environment (they're visible only if attached to a Genie).

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